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Transform your home into a tropical paradise!

05. 02. 2020

Imagine that you can find yourself in the tropical jungle whenever you like, without the risk of being bitten by some cute animal. How is that possible? Read on! This article will tell you how to create such a safe jungle in your home. And much more…


Tropical plants and animals

Bright yellow sun, white hot sand, blue sea and sky and plenty of light all day long. In short, optimism on every square meter. That sounds like a real paradise. If you want to have it at home, be inspired from this color palette – white, yellow, blue – the next time you paint. However, the other accessories to the apartment will be bolder for our inspiration is the tropical jungle! Tropical jungles are not only green trees, but also plants and animals of different colors. Parrots, toxic frogs, snakes, lizards, jaguars, panthers or inconspicious monkeys or sloths. All these animals can keep you company when you decide to create a tropical style at home. Choose from our tropical motifs and print a wallpaper to decorate at least one wall. In our offer you will find tropical leaves, flowers and (in) safe inhabitants of the jungle. Believe us, it will be really hard to choose just one!



Inspired by South America

We do not want to test your knowledge of geography, but you certainly know what areas of the world we consider to be the greatest tropical paradise. South America is a vast continent with breathtaking nature. It is largely covered by the jungle, but also offers mountains, extensive lakes and coastal seas, where you can see one of the most beautiful birds in the world, which has become a symbol of tropical style. Flamingo! You can invite this beautiful tropical animal to your interior on wall murals as well as art photographs (our tip!) And paintings by famous painters. If you admire waterfowl, you will certainly like the works of Haitian native, ornithologist John James Audubon (1785 – 1851). You can find beautiful colors and scenes from Tahitian tropical paradise in our collection of Paul Gauguin paintings. And your favorite is a dangerous feline, don’t wait for anything and look at Mark Adlington‘s  Illustrations Collection!



Chill on the beach

If you don’t like the tropical wilderness, but you love the feeling of lying on the beach surrounded by palm trees, we should move from the jungle to the coast. There we get  inspired by pastel colors and motifs of palm trees and tropical fruits. Feelings of well-being will also evoke photos of sunset over the sea or beautiful aquatic animals that hide the sea. For example, this turtle is one of our favorite Photo Prints!




If you want to turn your interior into a tropical style to the last detail, get rattan furniture or at least light shade furniture. On the bright couch  will be excel  cushions with tropical motifs! Comfortable pastel carpets and bright curtains also create a holiday atmosphere. Do not forget to go to a florist shop and buy exotic houseplants – citrus, small palms, carnivores,… But make sure you  have enough of natural light at home.

  You can also decorate the interior with small statuettes of animals or pineapples. If you decorate a tropical-style bedroom, we strongly recommend that you get bed linen and bedspreads with flamingos or flowers. Believe us, this decoration will give your life optimism and relaxation! All you have to do is prepare a piña colada  or cuba libre and let yourself be carried away on the tropical waves of well-being.




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