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Things you didn’t know about Quentin Tarantino and his films

06. 09. 2019

Some love his long “chatty” films, others hate them. But there is no doubt that Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors of our time. His hot novelty Once Upon a Time in Holywood is just filling up cinemas so there is no wonder. The combination of Tarantino-DiCaprioPitt promises the viewer a truly unforgettable experience. Let us remind you Tarantino’s best films and find out something interesting from the life of this extraordinary director!




When you ask a film director who once worked in a video store about the job he enjoyed the most in his life, you kind of expect him to start telling you how he loves directing his own films. But not Tarantino, who still lovingly remembers the years when he worked as an usher in an adult cinema (screening only “movies for adults” 😊) is said to be the best job in the world! Fortunately, Tarantino enjoys directing and screenwriting enough, so we have already seen his 9th authorial film this year.


Although he made his first film back in 1987, he became a more famous director only five years later, thanks to Reservoir Dogs. He stayed in the Underworld two years later with his probably best known and most popular film Pulp Fiction. This is the first time that the famous and acclaimed actors who have not been discovered yet or forgotten already at the time of Pulp Fiction’s premiere appeared. Tarantino’s greatest discoveries include actress Uma Thurman, who portrays the mafia wife Mia Wallace in the film. More than 10 years later, this actress Tarantino cast a starring role in the Kill Bill and Kill Bill vol.2 films. Travolta did not want to play much in Pulp Fiction, but fortunately he was convinced. Originally, Tarantino wrote this role for actor Michael Madsen, who was supposed to starr in this film, but gave up the role 2 weeks before the start of the shoot. But later he starred in Kill Bill and  The Hateful Eight.  Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, one of Tarantino’s most cast actors, also appeared in Pulp Fiction. Rough gunmen are just Jackson’s thing!




If you saw Tarantino’s first successful movie Reservoir dogs, you may have thought that the movie’s name is strange. (Which is Pulp fiction too anyway). There is a lot of stories tied to the name of this film, but only Tarantino knows which, if any, is true. But it is said that he told his investors that Reservoir dog is a French gangster slang term for a rat. This is not true. Most often it is said that Tarantino was inspired by the films Au revoir les enfants and Straw dogs and somehow linked their names together. How did au revoir become a reservoir? The film Au revoir les Enfants was said to have been recommended by Tarantino at that time by his girlfriend, and Tarantino misheard “reservoir” instead of “au revoir”. And somehow he came up with the title of his first film. Or it was completely different. Maybe he’ll make a movie about it someday.



We have already mentioned that some actors have appeared in more than one film. Tim Roth, for example, has appeared in Reservoir dogs, Pulp fiction and  The Hateful Eight. Leonardo DiCaprio could be seen so far in Django Unchained, whose rasistic lines made the actors sick, and also in the latest Once Upon A Time In Holywood. But Tarantino wanted to have him earlier. Did you know that Leo DiCaprio was supposed to play the role of SS colonel Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds? This role, however, got his colleague from Django Christoph Waltz. If you count the number of roles in Tarantino’s films, the obvious winner is Samuel L. Jackson. You will surely associate him with Pulp Fiction, Django or The Hateful Eight, but do you know he also appeared in a small role in Jackie Brown and Kill Bill? And if you think Tarantino left him out while filming Inglorious Basterds, you’re wrong. We can’t see Jackson in the film, but we can hear his charismatic voice 😊




1. The cult film Pulp Fiction is composed of seven chapters that do not follow chronologically, but theoretically you could put the film chronologically by yourself. If you are interested in this experiment, follow this infographic.

2. Some parts of Pulp Fiction were directed by Robert Rodriguez. In return, Tarantino participated in the direction of Sin City.

3. Jamie Foxx starred in Django Unchain alongside his own horse.

4. Leonardo Dicaprio had a big moral problem with filming a scene where he had to shout some really nasty racist slurs. In the end, he did it because he was helped by Samuel L. Jackson. He took him aside and gave him a pep talk, “Hey, motherf….r , this is just another Tuesday for us! Let´s go”

  1. Once Upon a Time in Holywood is Tarantino’s 9th authorial film, next one should be Kill Bill vol. 3.



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