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Street Art

02. 06. 2016

Street art is a constant topic of debate around the world. Some people consider this type of art expression beautiful and inspiring, others characterize it as a form of vandalism and negligence. While the definition of street art depends on personal taste and life choices, we believe “neo-graffiti” has a place to be, and is one of the most free and unusual art movements.


The urban art has evolved since its appearance in the 60s, when it contained mostly twisted written text into a deep form of art expression. Today, street walls are full of puzzled pictures, mesmerizing images, and surreal sketches. At the same time most of the street art is still a form of protest with images having a dual meaning or an important political message. In fact, street art has become such a vast part of any modern city that, today there are excursions tailored especially for the underground part of any city. Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Detroit- are only few cities that have attracted in recent years a high number of tourists only because of their urban art. These cities give artists the possibility to express their needs and not to be repressed by the classic rules of art galleries.

Not only has street art become interesting for tourists, it also has created a platform for work for young artists, and has even given the possibility for few names to turn from a street art enthusiast to a gallery virtuoso. The street artist, Shepard Fairey, for example, was even involved in the Barack Obama’s election campaign.

As of today, the street art has moved far beyond the concept of a simple graffiti and few artists have even introduced light installations along with their urban pictures.

One of the most recognizable street artists nowadays is Banksy, a political activist and film director with unidentifiable identity. Banksy’s work is found all over the world; his graffiti usually represent a social problem with a harsh text, or simply a picture placed on “the very right spot”. He has a unique style and can be easily spotted from the graffiti masses.


We created an exclusive collection for you with reproductions of Banksy’s street art. We believe these images can help us spread the message Banksy is fighting for, and increase the social alertness about discrimination, violence, and political issues.

At the same time Banksy’s pictures are a pleasure to look at, and will always give the visitors of your room something to think about…

Street Art

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