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Shabby Chic: Welcome spring!

06. 03. 2020

Spring is coming and soon the meadows will be covered with flowers. However, there is no need to wait for nature to wake up, Shabby Chic lets you have a spring atmosphere at home all year round! We will advise you on how to do this, but first we will introduce you to this romantic style.



What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic, a style that is popular all over the world, was created by  designer Rachel Ashwell, who invented it in the 1980s. She was inspired by the Old English style, which she combined with French Provence and Tuscany. This style is a bit girly, as its name suggests, but that does not mean that gentlemen must avoid it. After all, gentlemen from the English countryside never had anything against flowers! This style is simply for romantic souls. Its main feature is light colors, mostly white, cream and light pastel shades.  But most importantly – Flowers! Flowers can be found in paintings, walls and vases. Last but not least, it has a bit of worn out furniture that will give your home the right country atmosphere, so if you live in the city and you like the urban way of life, rather leave this style to the cottage. Shabby chic is about inner attunement to a rural way of life harmonized with nature! Without furniture with patina you will not conjure up the countryside at home!




Tips for your Shabby Chic home

It is said that if you want to arrange your home in this style, you have to completely remodel it to make it fit. Walls, furniture, accessories – everything should be nicely matched to bright colors. However, we understand that it is not always possible to start from scratch, so we will show you that Shabby Chic can be kept at home even without scuffed chairs and spacious country kitchen! So we will focus mainly on colors:

• The most important color is white – the home shines beautifully and the floral motifs stand out well. If you find white too sterile, bet on cream or light pink. Here, however, we advice the ladies to make sure their partner will feel good in the “girly” interior.
• Use wall muralsWall murals are a great addition to your walls. Bet on tiny flowers or patterns inspired by nature. For example, this pattern looks very good at home! But  polka dots or squares would do  good as well.

Pictures – The main motive of Shabby chic are flowers that you can have at home as a classic still life (such as these by August Renoir), but also in a somewhat more modern digital design. But if you think you already have enough flowers, bet on modern motifs such as macaroons or beautiful fashion illustrations.

Accessories – in addition to live flowers, get home  accessories made pf  wood and brass. Tiny statuettes, old clocks – it doesn’t matter what it will be, but it is important that your decorations have a story. Accessories are very important for this style, so do not hesitate to spend a little on them. Just fill the shelves nicely with the  “useless stuff” for joy!

Textile – floral patterns also include linen, bedspreads, tablecloths and tea towels. Do not forget the pillows too! Shabby Chic is about cosiness, so don’t think if  getting four  instead of two pillows is too much or not. 



Isn´t it too much? Definitely not!

Shabby chic is practically the opposite of rectangular minimalism, where everything is functional, perfectly coordinated and especially in small quantities. This style simply does not play on modesty and does not ask if you need something and whether it  has a purpose in the interior. If you like it, take it home! This is the motto you must follow. Get inspired in our special collection and start choosing the most beautiful paintings and motifs for your interior!




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