Oriental Design

26. 05. 2016

The Orient has always represented something magical, undisclosed and enigmatical. The aroma of pungent spices, the bright ornaments on fabrics, the hypnotizing vibes of music- all these are miraculous, unusual, and yet to be discovered.


Oriental culture is one of the oldest and still one of the most puzzled for outside world. Today, more and more people seek to discover the mysteries of Asia, grasping in all of its beauties.

The biggest influences of East world come, probably, in food, design, and innovation. In terms of food, the Orient has radically changed our prospective of meals. We are no longer afraid to experiment with aromatic spices and incorporate them even in the most typical dishes. Asian bistros and fusion boutiques have spread all over the world, giving chefs and artists a lot of inspiration.

In the design world, people have changed the way they decorate their houses, or the way they dress. They have become more interested in Asian shapes and colors; they use more unusual fabrics and prints.

When it comes to design, there’s no surprise that almost any room can benefit from a gerontogeous decoration, and what’s best is to combine something Western and Eastern, creating a modern, well-balanced, and interesting space.

If you plan on designing your kitchen, try using a glass art with a picture of spices on it. Anyone who will enter your kitchen will immediately appreciate the beauty of the condiments both in your food and on your wall. Plus, having a picture of spices hang on the wall will remind you what ingredients you can use in your food and will give your the opportunity to experiment and come up with new interesting recipes every time you’re cooking.


On the other hand, if you feel like your bedroom needs a little renovation, use wallpaper with an Asian motive to create a calm and laid-off ambiance. Use a Zen motive  if you want your bedroom to set you up in the sleeping mode every time you enter it, or a bright dragon picture  if you wish to create a contrast between your furniture and walls.

Further on, a great tip where you could include Asian flavors in your design is in your living room, or corridor. These areas will look best if you combine Oriental pictures, for example of Buddha  with another textures or colors from the same palette.

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