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Movie Review: The Dark Tower

24. 08. 2017

Welcome to another edition of Europosters Movie Reviews. Today’s topic will be Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”. This movie is about one of the Sci Fi novels that the author has created over the years and it follows the story of a world that is protected by all evils with the help of a mysterious tower. We personally didn’t follow the story from the books so this movie was the first interaction with the story. Enough being said, let’s jump into a portal and hope for the best with this movie review. Don’t forget to be careful for spoilers.

The storyline

We are facing a time where book nerds like me and you are demanding from Hollywood the adaptations of great stories found between the pages into good movies. The problem is that the stories tend to be told in so many details within the books that is hard to squish so much into a 90 minute film and to appeal towards the non-readers in the same time. From what we have read, the story is very rich in details and won fans with the different plot points that it followed. The movie on the other hand was following so many of them at once that we felt lost in it. We had a fan friend that has read the books and he was detailing so much about the story so that we could understand it. Hollywood has to learn that we’re better off with several movies that appreciate the details rather than a fast paced movie just to cash in from the fans.


We’re just going to talk about two moments. The Gunslinger’s emotional drama that got him fired up for revenge is plausible and well intended. We got the glimpse of the moment when the antagonist killed off Steven Deschain who was really close to the protagonist. The problem was that it was only a flashback and we didn’t get to understand the relationship that they’ve had over the years and we didn’t even get a proper dialogue that could have at least explained it. The second moment was the one with Laurie’s death. Again, we didn’t have some development on the remarried mother and son relationship. We got a glimpse when Walter was reading her memories. The memories could have been better approached as a fast paced evolution of the son’s dream problem, at the beginning of the movie. This way we could also understand the reason to send off the kid to a mental institution.

The actors doing their best

Funny thing happened. The moment when I saw Matthew McConaughey’s face on the screen I couldn’t help myself from yelling “Muuuurph”. I had good memories with Interstellar haha. The way he acted was above average. I am a fan of the actor and he is well portrayed as the big villain. Also, Idris Elba did a good job and his character had good moments such as the moment when he shot from a huge distance.

Overall the movie could have done better with the story and we were really lost while watching it. The characters could have received a better development, but the actors did a good job playing the roles. The effects were good and we got to see some nice action scenes. We also got a few laughs. Our favorite parts were when Roland got to our world and tried to drink coke. We wish that they would make another sequel but maybe changing the director would be good step. The Dark Tower has good potential in the Sci Fi genre and we hope that it won’t give up with this movie.

We hope that you enjoyed our movie review and if you liked the movie, or if you are a book fan, well we have some nice merchandise for you. See you soon!

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