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Movie review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

12. 07. 2019

They say there is a lot of spider- webs around Prague or Venice. That´s because Spider – Man was there on holiday and now he´s coming to cinemas! 



When it comes to fighting alien monsters or crazy doctors, Peter Parker is the best. However, when it comes to girls, not even his lycra mask is helpful. Who would know that this boy is climbing the walls and saving the world during the nights? After events of Endgame, sixteen-year-old Peter has just enough of being superhero. His mentor and father figure Iron-Man is gone, and the world is asking: Will Spider- Man be the next Tony Stark? But Peter’s thoughts are somewhere else. His class is going to Europe!



When Nick Fury is calling you, you should really take it. The founder of the Avengers has mouth full of funny lines but if you ignore his calls, the famous Pulp Fiction scene (Ezekiel 25:17...) feels like nothing in comparison with what might happen to you. Despite that, Peter never answers his phones, so he has no idea that the world is threatened by dangerous Elementals which need to be stopped as soon as possible. He even doesn’t want to pack up his superhero suit! He just wants to be a regular kid for once.



Peter has a great plan – he sits next to MJ in the plane (’cause he loves her secretly), buys her some jewellery in Venice, will give it to her in Paris on the Eiffel Tower. And she will say she loves him too. That has to work! However, class alfa Brad is interested in her too, so he complicates things. But not as much as the water Elemental destroying whole Venice. Even though there is already other superhero, a man called Mysterio, fighting him (Jake Gyllenhaal, ladies!) Peter can’t help it and helps to win this fight.  After that, Nick Fury is waiting for him in his hotel room and so the trip is ruined.



Another Elemental’s attack is to happen in Prague, so Nick Fury finds a way how to get Peter there even though he is a very stubborn teenager in love. Free trip to Prague for the whole class! A lot of important things happen in Prague, but we won’t tell more. We can only say that Peter will visit also Berlin, Holland and London. But that’s enough of spoilers!



Besides funny lines or situations, there is enough of action and cool effects in this movie. Of course, there are also emotional parts. Everyone loved Iron Man and it is not easy to deal with his death. However, if you were having doubts whether this movie is worth visiting a cinema, be sure it is! Spider-Man: Far from Home is one of the greatest Marvel movies!




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