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Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

24. 11. 2016

Finally… Five years after the release of the last movie, in which we saw our favorite wizard trio defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, J.K Rowling is taking us back with brooms and wands in hand to the magical Harry Potter world. But this time we won’t be meeting in Hogwarts’ great hall, neither in Hogsmeade’s famous Three Broomsticks pub, but instead on the other side of the Atlantic, during the 1920s in the up and coming New York City. Wizards from all around the world, get your best spells ready and take out your wands as we jump in Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase and step into the universe of the “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.”

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New Characters and New Stories

As we shift some 80 years back from the original books and movies, J.K. Rowling is bringing us a brand new set of heroes. Newt Scamander is a young Magizoologist, going around the world to discover and collect magical creatures, one each more stunning and interesting than the next. Always traveling with his suitcase, which in reality contains a complete zoo, he’s a shy but touching wizard. He is helped on his adventures by three loyal friends: ex-Auror Porpentina Goldstein, a clumsy but brave wizard, her sister Queenie Goldstein and the funny and kind Jacob Kowalski. If you’re lost with all these new people, there is at least one name you will recognize: Albus Dumbledore. Yes, the wizard’s world large, and luckillythe greatest wizard of all will appear in the next movie.


A New World to Discover

Among freshly built skyscrapers, you will discover a whole new wizardly world. Meet the MACUSA, the Magical Congress of the United States of America, the American version of the Ministry of Magic. Forget about the Muggles, the people without magical powers (we’re sorry to say, but like you and most of us). In America you will have to call them No-Maj. And what better setting than New York in the 1920s as a magical wizard world?

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Harry Potter fan approved

We loved the movie. References to the original books are everywhere and with all the spells flying in the air throughout the entire movie, you’re going to really enjoy it. If you’re still not convinced, you just have to go and watch it (at least once). The movie is full of surprises, and you’ll be far from bored. J.K Rowling already announced that four other movies will be released to take us back again and again in this fantastic universe. So until the next movie comes out, just sit down, relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee while you watch all of the previous movies over again, or, just like us, put away some of your Harry Potter posters in your room to hang your new Fantastic Beasts posters up.




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