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Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

10. 07. 2017

It’s here! Finally! The cutest and most adorable of all! The evil characters are back on the big screen. And we can tell you one thing, we were surely waiting for it here at Europosters. Since the previous movie, we could not wait to see more of the love story between Gru and Lucy, and what would happen to them after defeating the Macho Man. And of course, we could not wait to meet the minions once again. Get in the grumobile, we’re taking you on a tour of the movie!


New challenges arise

At the end of the previous movie, Lucy and Gru were special agents for the AVL, the Anti Vilain League. Of course, some new funny and badass bad guy will be fighting against them once more. Balthazar Bratt, once a star in Hollywood, turned into a menace for the entire planet. But this will not be the only difficulty our heroes will be facing. Gru’s forgotten brother, Dru, contacts him to inform that their father died. Gru will have to deal with this newly recreated family while chasing the villains.

The unicorn quest continues

Agnes, one of the three girls Gru and Lucy adopted, is still as young and adorable as before! And she is still fond of unicorns. Despite her sisters trying to explain her the truth about the mythical animal, she is convinced that unicorns exist, and she is determined to find one. Margo and Edith, the two older girls, are trying to cope with Lucy taking on the role of the mother in this atypical family. And it’s not easy, even for a badass secret agent used to take down villains like her.

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The Minions are BACK

We will all agree that we could watch the movie only because of the minions, as they are among the funniest and cutest characters ever created. And the movie producers heard our requests, as they have their fair share of adventures in the movie. As we know from their movie, the minions need to serve someone evil to be happy, and Gru’s new family life is not matching their expectations. They will then go on their own in the movie, even ending up spending some time in jail… But no more spoilers!

In the end, this movie is really good. Whether you are looking for a movie to watch with your kids or something to relax, this movie is the one. The story is good, and many jokes and funny moments will make the time fly while watching the movie. In the end, you just cannot wait to get more adventures from Gru and especially from the minions. The little yellow creatures are so funny and adorable that they can even help you get through a tough week. It is a simply must see.

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