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Movie review: Avengers Endgame

09. 05. 2019


One of the most expected movies of this year is finally in cinemas and it breaks records in numbers of visitors. After 10 years, we finally know whether Thanos was successful at wiping out half the universe. And who loses their life trying to save it.



#Thanos snapped his fingers

In the Infinity war, the Avengers joined their powers with other heroes form the Marvel universe and they tried to prevent Thanos from collecting all the infinity stones and wiping out half of the universe. Unfortunately, they failed so we said good bye not only to Gamora, which Thanos has sacrificed broken-hearted to get the Soul stone. Half of the superheroes –Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Groot, Drax, Starlord or Spiderman have vanished together with Nick Fury, who in the last moments managed to call Captain Marvel for help.  



#Don’t forget to take tissues

Since we don’t want to spoil the movie experience to those who haven’t seen it yet, I will not go into much detail. I will talk about the feelings.  The whole year, we could hear rumours that most of the actors didn’t get new contracts so their characters will surely die. As a true fan of Marvel, I was very much looking forward to see the Endgame, however, I didn’t want to say good bye to none of my favourite characters. Especially when I read on Facebook, before I went to the cinema a post from my US friend who complained her husband did not cry on their wedding but while seeing Avengers yes. As someone who cries whenever there is some lonely kitty in the TV add, I was preparing myself for the worst. In the end I didn’t need the tissues. Although I heard about some guys who got very emotional like the husband of my friend.



#Change is life

What to look forward to? It wouldn’t be „endgame “, if someone doesn’t die, however there are also some resurrections. Endgame is a gift to Avengers fans for those 10 years of their loyalty, that’s why there are a lot of jokes and surprising changes of some of the main characters. Could you imagine the 2011 Captain America swear or even joke about his bottom? The greatest change however has Thor but I will not tell more. It is worth the surprise. 😊 The movie makers also remember Stan Lee, which was for me the most emotional moment of the movie.



#Will we see them again?

Even though Endgame closes the all movie saga, we are not saying good bye to our superheros for good. Since Black Panther, Doctor Strange were quite successful, we are sure there will be some follow ups soon. This year, we are definitely having Europe trip with Peter Parker and we are really looking forward to it!




Social Media and Email Specialist, known as a big fan of superhero movies, especially Avengers, Deadpool and Batman.


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