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Inspiration: Elements in interior – Feng Shui

17. 09. 2019

The elements are the right hand of our Mother Nature. It is not in vain that they are referred to as the most powerful. In the interior but you do not have to worry, on the contrary. Their combination will bring harmony to your home and create a great atmosphere. Each of the elements has its own meaning in the interior.


Water is the only element which can change into different forms. Though manifested in ice, snow or liquid, it will never cease to prove its power and strength. Water can calm us down and create harmony, but at the same time it can also gain our respect.

However, water should be used appropriately in the interior, although it is said to be the color of money and wealth, but it is also a cool color that, when used excessively, can cool in the interior. The blue color and hence the water element makes you think, so it is great for offices where it helps to focus.



Air quality is one of the global themes. And rightly so. Air atoms are all around us and affect man every day both his behavior and mood. Our home should therefore be protected in terms of quality air. Bring an atmosphere of fresh air to your photos and connect it to devices that purify the air. You’ll see that you’ll enjoy the streets of smog cities even more.

Decorate your homes with earth posters, wallpapers, or images. Let yourself be carried away by photos that capture the beauty and diversity of this unrestrained element. The earth is expressed in colors rather soft, from beige to brick. They give a relaxing impression in the interior and also help to improve digestion. Great for using this element and its colors in the dining rooms and kitchens of your home.



Fire, is one of the most important discoveries of mankind with unrestrained power, which has become a necessity in everyday life. When there is a bigger fire, it is usually hard to stop. It is a pity that the people perceived him as one of the most important elements for survival in the past and nowadays it has become obviousness. But how to include fire into the interior?

A fireplace is not the only option. Fire can also be expressed by painting, photo murals or posters. However, the red and its shades that express the fire should be treated appropriately in the interior as a spice.



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