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Game of Thrones: Summary of the final two episodes

24. 05. 2019

The Night king is dead, long live the queen! But which one? We are about to find out. This is the last part of the Game of Thrones 8th season reviews. Let us remind you the events of the two last episodes!



When the Mountain executed Missandei in front of everyone, it was the last drop for Daenerys. As Cersei hoped, she lost her nerves and decided to punish the whole King’s landing. But first, she needs to sentence to death lord Varys for treason and imprison Jaime who got caught on his way to Cersei’s. At this moment, everyone still believes she is mentally healthy. Tyrion is trying to persuade her to kill only Cersei and leave the city alone. He begs her to spare the people in case they surrender. He frees Jamie and asks him to ring the bells to let Daenerys know that it’s time to not kill everyone. And Jaime indeed tries to stop the doom of King’s landing, however there is chaos in the streets. Arya and The Hound are also there, trying to get to the Red Keep to kill their greatest enemies.



After a while fighting, Jon and his army hear the bells ringing. Jon is relieved. It is very obvious that he is not happy about killing innocent people. However, his happiness doesn’t last long since Daenerys is already completely mad at this moment. She has already burned all the ships of Euron Greyjoy, anti- dragon crossbows and now she’s burning everyone on the way to the Red Keep. And she has no mercy. Her army join her in the craziness and slaughter and rape everyone. Cersei is seeing all from her window and starts to realize what she has done. Qyburn is asking her to leave and hide somewhere but Cersei reacts to his call too late.



On the way to hide, Cersei and her company of Qyburn and the Mountain are surprised by the Hound whose greatest desire is to kill his brother. Qyburn dies immediately, Cersei runs away. This time she escaped the death because Arya changed her mind in the last second. The Mountain and the Hound are fighting for long but in the end both die, falling down the tower.

Cersei on the run meets her true love – Jamie who, despite all his wounds caused by Euron Greyjoy earlier that day, comes to save her. However, this time there is no happy end for the twins. They both die, buried under the relics of the castle.


King’s landing has fallen. The last survivors are being executed by Grey Worm. Jon is trying to stop him but Grey Worm is just following the demands of his queen. Daenerys got all the ever wanted, however now it is not enough. She wants to continue “freeing” all the people in the world. Tyrion understands that Dany got mad like her father and decides to quit his job of Queen’s hand. He is arrested after for treason since Dany found out who let Jamie go. Jon visits him in his cell. Tyrion is trying to convince him that Dany is no good and there is something need to be done about it. Although Jon loves her, he realises her danger and, in the end, he kills Dany in front of the eyes of Drogon. The dragon, very upset by the death of his mom, melts down the Iron Throne (instead of Jon) and flies away with Dany’s dead body. Jon is arrested afterwards.



The Iron Throne is destroyed, however the ruler of Westeros is still needed. Gray Worm meets with representants of all the Noble houses and they discuss the fate of Tyrion, Jon and the whole kingdom. Although all 8 seasons everyone was fighting for the Iron Throne, now it seems that nobody wants to rule. Tyrion comes up with the idea of having Bran as the ruler and everyone agrees. Except Sansa, who demands the North to be autonomous. Bran becomes the ruler of Westeros and Tyrion his Hand.  Sansa is the queen of protector of the North and Jon is sent to the Wall (where he has friends and his dire wolf, so no biggie).  Westeros has a fresh start, without wars, White Walkers and (yet) killing kings because of the throne…


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