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Game of Thrones: Summary of episode 3 and 4.

17. 05. 2019

Finally, the words of Ned Stark became the truth. The Night King got to Winterfell with his army, ready to convert everything alive to dead. And mainly to take care of Bran Stark alias three-eyed raven. The Long night has come. And it’s dark and full of action. And death.



#Long Night

The whole third episode, we watch the most epic battle of the whole TV show. Although the TV Show makers really enjoy bloody and terrible scenes, this time everything is covered in the dark. Fear, hopelesness, coldness, tiredness. All of that we can see on the faces of the defenders of Winterfell who are going to death with armor made of valyrian steel. I guess that everyone had it clear that in this episode we will say good bye to many characters.



#Not only Daenerys is fireproof

While most of the heroes are fighting man against a zombie, Daenerys and Jon are flying their dragons, trying to hit as many White Walkers as they can. However, the third dragon which joined the Team Night King is not making it easy. By the way, the Night King himself is fireproof, as Daenerys finds out very soon. Meanwhile Lyanna Mormont and Ed (and other nameless men) die heroically. They are later followed by Berric (while saving Arya and The Hound), ser Jorah and Theon.



#Not Today

That Night King will be somehow defeated was kind of clear but maybe most people thought that it would be Jon, the one who kills him. Even Kit Harrington thought so. In the end, the night-king-slayer becomes his step- sister Arya, who has been practicing for this moment without realizing it since the execution of her father. However, she had to be reminded by Melissandra who, at the moment all was done, willingly dies. God’s plan is a God’s plan.



#Time to celebrate

After the night there is a brand-new day. The Night King is defeated so it is time to celebrate and toast to departed friends. Everyone is cheerful, drinking and playing drunken games which end up with a passionate moment of Jamie and Brienne. However, some people are celebrating way too much Jon, who they consider as a great leader. Of course, Daenerys doesn’t like it, so she starts to develop new tactics. She names Gendry a lord and makes Jon to swear to never say a word about his origin. Despite his promise, Jon can’t keep the truth from his sisters so the secret spreads. And the person responsible is Sansa.



#Let’s fight again

Daenerys is nervous so she wants to go fight again although her army is not particularly big and most of the men are still wounded from the previous battle. They sail to the King’s Landing and loses another beloved dragon immediately. She also loses her ships and Missandei, who is captured by Euron Greyjoy. (Who just found out that Cersei is expecting.)

Not even that breaks Daenerys enough to give up and not threaten Cersei. The evil Queen is hoping to push Daenerys to make another rushed bad decision and she gets Missandei executed in front of her. And that is the last drop for Dany. Will she burn the whole King’s landing in the next episode? Will Cersei die by Arya’s hand too or will she reign Westeros until the day she (naturally) dies? What is going to happen with Jon and Daenerys? We are going to find out soon!





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