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Five Facts About: The Original Star Wars Movies

20. 02. 2017

Do you claim to be a huge Star Wars fan just like us? We gathered some five interesting facts about these hit movies that have grown to an international sensation! Which of these five facts do you already know? Next time, you can impress your friends when watching Star Wars! Just please don’t talk too much during the movie.

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1. Hans Solo’s character was originally supposed to look like a swamp monster.
The founder of Star Wars George originally wanted the captain of the Millennium Falcon to appear as a swamp creature. In the end, he chose the actor Harrison Ford to play Hans Solo, who first appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV.

2. R2-D2’s “voice” is created by a baby’s babbles.
And of course electronically fine-tuned. Maybe that’s why we find R2-D2‘s magical beeps a little cute and charming. Ben Brutt worked on making all kinds of sounds for the first Star Wars movies, and you wouldn’t believe the original source of some of the creature’s talk!

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3. Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) kept adding personal sound effects of lightsabers clashing in his fight scenes.
Of course we all do it too when we have our imaginary lightsaber in hand.. It’s hard not to even add the buzzing sound before there’s a hit! Well, post-production had to have a lot of fun time editing this out.

4. The Millennium starship design was inspired by… a hamburger?
Leave it to George Lucas for finding random inspiration in strange places. The legendary Millennium starship, operated by Hans Solo and Chewbacca, was designed after a hamburger and an olive on a toothpick cockpit.

5. Count Dooku is named after the Japanese word “Doku,” which means poison. In Brazil his name had to be changed to “Dookan” for a funny reason.
In Portuguese “do cu” is read as Dooku, which means “from the ass, or even “I do anal.” Thank goodness they changed his name! Can you imagine if they kept the name the same?!



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