Five Facts about: The Avengers

19. 04. 2018

Oh dear, oh dear… Within only a few days, a highly expected movie will hit cinema rooms all around the world. Of course, we are talking about The Avengers: Infinity War, first part. Labelled as “the most ambitious crossover in the history of the franchise”, the story will be split into two parts, released about a year from each other. No need to say, all Marvel fans are ecstatic about the idea of seeing all their favourite super-heroes team up to fight Thanos. And you can be sure to find our own movie review soon after the movie release as we will rush to the nearest theatre to enjoy this movie! But as the closer we get to the movie’s official release, the longer it seems, here are 5 facts about the Avengers to wait until next week.

1. The very first comic “The Avengers” was released on September the 10th, 1963. At the time, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, The Wasp and Hulk teamed up to fight against Loki the Trickster.

2. The comic was originally created and released because the writing of Daredevil took too much time. The Marvel editor needed something to release fast, and it seemed easier to use already existing super-heroes, and just send them on some adventure together.

3.  Captain America joined the Avengers’ crew only in the 4th issue. Even if the super-hero is now widely seen as a founding member of the team, he was added only later on, when some previous members were dismissed.

4. The First Avenger movie scored over 1.5 billion dollars at the box office, making it one of the most profitable Marvel movie. It also got really good critics from both fans and professionals. So it’s true after all that unity makes strength.

5. One of the most famous Marvel super-hero of all times, Spiderman, is known for first refusing to join the Avengers’ team. His reason was that he wanted to keep fighting crime on a more local scale.

We hope that you enjoyed our 5 facts about the Avengers’ history. For us, this team of superheroes is one of Marvel’s biggest success and we are really looking forward to discovering this new chapter of their adventure on screen. A little bonus fact about the upcoming movies: The directors said that no less than 68 characters would play a part in the Infinity War saga! And they also teased the death of some major heroes of the franchise… We will leave you here, hanging between fear and excitement, until we see you again for the movie review! Until then:






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