Decorating with maps

31. 03. 2016

Maps have been an aid people have used from ancient times. The history of cartography, or simply mapmaking is a topic of debate, but some consider the first map dates back as much as 4th millennium BCE. Maps have helped us identify past events, how cities used to look and how densely they have been populated.

Maps have not only taught us about our cultural heritage, natural resources and ancient events, but also made it possible for us to travel and see the world, as we know it today. Since the moment of their invention maps have evolved quite radically. Now, most of those who own a smartphone have the map of the area they live in, the map of a place they want to visit and the directions of moving from one place to another. Maps have been and still are one of the most important “utensils” we are using in our lives. Today, maps don’t serve only as an element of orientation; they are also a great source of inspiration.


Maps are used as decorative elements, printed on clothes, table linen, or even walls. Even though, maps can serve two purposes in one, they are still severely underused in terms of design. If you are looking for a great decorative solution, which is both cheap and gorgeous, than go no further than choosing maps! They create a sense of adventure; they can excite your imagination, and get you ready for new chances. If you feel like you’re brave enough to decorate with posters or wall murals that will teleport you far away every time you look at them, then you should definitely brighten up your environment with maps. And here’s how…

  • Create a unique backlash

Cover your wall in the kitchen with a unique wall mural with a map on it.    If you are worried about the wall’s functionality, you can cover it with Perspex, so it will be waterproof and easy to clean. This way, the kitchen will be a place of simple cooking, but also beautiful discoveries.

  • Use non-conventional maps

One of biggest drawbacks when people think about implementing maps in their design it that they will make a room look old-fashioned and quite boring. In case you’re adept of modernism, decorate your environment with non-conventional maps. For example, use maps of subways and cities to bring the final tone of minimalism into your room.  These kinds of maps will help you enhance your easy going and friendly character

  • Pin it up

There’s no better way than placing a big world map on the wall and pinning it up. Imagine how rewarding is the feeling of adding a new pin of the map every time you come back from a trip. Plus, this way you can dream bigger and aim at travelling more.

  • Benefit from educational purpose

One of the easiest tricks to teach children geography will be to stick a map on his/her wall. When someone has the same thing everyday in front of his/her eyes, he/she automatically remembers it. Now, you can combine 2 things together: benefit you budget from using a cheap map and make you child benefit from its educational purpose.

  • Don’t forget vintage

If your room has a more classic and severe style, than don’t forget about vintage maps. These will bring a tone of luxury and wisdom to the area of your decoration.


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I love to share simple, doable ideas to decorate, organize and love the home you have. What´s the best - no big budget need! I also love travelling, tasty food, my cat and of course my job!

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