Decorate your kitchen with art reproductions!

17. 03. 2016

Decorating kitchen and the dinning space can be quite complicated. Kitchen unlike other rooms in any house has to be firstly very functional. It needs to be assembled for cooking, but also for cozy dinner nights. Kitchen is usually one of the most clustered rooms; it has a lot of furniture, gadgets and decoration.

What makes kitchen special is that its design needs to be precisely planned, every detail is important here. Plus, kitchen is usually one of those environments where people bring and add new elements, therefore planning ahead for future changes and taking them into consideration is crucial. Further on, kitchen is a hot spot when you have guests over. It is where big family gathering happen or where a romantic dinner becomes a memorable event. No matter if you’re a good cook or not, kitchen is the place where we spend most of the time at home, therefore it needs to be cozy, beautiful, and just perfect. Here are few tips how to achieve that and even more…

1. Even if you don’t cook much, or you think you won’t need too many things in the kitchen, in time this room gets very clustered. Therefore, first things first make enough room for storage. Ideally, the place for storage still has a lot of free room. Try combining that area with another area in the kitchen. For example, use the same color for storage area and the same tone of the dinning table. This trick will create a well-built kitchen, but will keep the design uniformed and balanced.

2. Any kitchen looks good with a good amount of natural lighting. Try, if possible placing the table near a big window. Natural lighting is the secret of any great photo and a relaxed atmosphere. The more natural lighting you will have, the better all the colors you use in design will look. Remember, artificial lighting is usually yellow and can significantly change the way a room looks if not incorporated correctly.

3. Resist the urge to go for very bright colors, unless you’ve really thought through the whole design. If using bright tones, try using only one sparkling color and combining it with grey, white or black. A great example of using this trick is the reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s Colombe Bleu. At first sight this reproduction doesn’t seem too special, however it is a perfect décor element for the bright blue marine kitchen. Only a reproduction as simple and as minimalist as this one will be proper in such as colorful kitchen.

4. Speaking of colors, if you decide to use a monochromatic palette of colors for the furniture and walls, use bright pictures to bring life to your room. Keep in mind however, that balance is the key. Therefore combine a reproduction with a bright color such as Crossing with Ducks with some other reproductions that contain more greyish or brown tones.

5. Lastly, think about textures. Do not be afraid to combine wood with metal or glass. These days the combination between severe technical elements and old times wood decoration is a very big trend. Go for combination of lumber and ceramics and place a bright reproduction, as is Happy Hour by Maria Teresa Gianole, on your kitchen wall.

These are only few ideas of creating a beautiful kitchen. For more inspiration, discover our art collections and order now!

Kitchen collection


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