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Banned film? It might be the newest Venom

20. 09. 2018

The newest movie produced by Sony Pictures in cooperation with MarvelVenom – is coming to theatres as soon as in October. You may have already noticed that it is more talked about than we’d have expected, but there’s more to that.

Last few movies by Sony Pictures weren’t very successful, so the producers set their hopes on the new Venom. The promotion is huge and they’re hopeful that they will repair their reputation.

Get to know the new Venom story
The story is centred around investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) who will get involved in a very dangerous case. He follows people working at Life Foundation company experimenting with extra-terrestrial symbionts. They naively believe that the human race is going to upgrade to a new level. Such a level would enable them to save themselves from extinction. However, these methods are starting to get out of control. Followingly, Venom is created with the symbiont that takes control of Eddie’s body and mind and they refer to themselves as “we – Venom”.

“Banned” movie
But, there is a fly in the ointment. Due to its official trailer (namely, the scene with ripping someone’s head off 😱), the movie was rated as R – restricted. It means that the committee that decides on the age category for which a particular movie is suitable, has made a decision that people under 17 years of age are banned to see this movie.

However, the creators believed that this rating should be changed, prior to the premiere, to PG – 13. This category allows viewers over 13 to see the movie if attended by parents. They tried to make the scene less serious by the use of humour.  Thus, in the end, they managed to achieve what they wanted – you can go to see the movie with your younger sibling. 🙂

If the creators failed in their efforts, other movies would be in a danger of being banned, specifically those in which the character of Venom makes an appearance. For example, the Spiderman sequel. The higher the rating is, the smaller the potential audience there is, which can significantly affect the profit of the movie.

The first but not the last
In case Venom is successful, the Sony studio is going to continue making new films about anti-heroes. The studio already announced one of them – the story of Morbius (with Jared Leto playing the main part – wow!) It is the story of a living vampire from a comic which already appeared in the Amazing Spiderman. The filming is set for the next year.

That’s it for the news about Venom. However, that’s not all to be said about the character! This anti-hero hides more than you could think of. And that’s why we are working on another article on TOP 5 Facts that you definitely don’t know.

Entry into the Marvel universe

More of Venom


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