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Are you also bewitched by the Witcher? We bet you didn´t know this!

13. 01. 2020

When we said goodbye to Game of Thrones last spring, many fans of the fantasy series were worried that they would have nothing to do with their free time. But the Iron Throne had not yet melted, and the competing Netflix Internet Television has promised lovers of medieval violence and intrigue a spectacular show – a series of popular book saga and video games The Witcher! Series as good as, if not even better than the Game of Thrones, said the marketing. Whether they lied to us a little we will leave on your opinion, but we are sure that the show is definitely worth seeing and buying some merchandise😊


Superman Cavill

Though this likeable British actor, starring as Geralt of Rivia, must look like a total superman, which he was in the latest DC Comics movie version,by the way.  Yet his acting career has been quite unfortunate. He was too old to play the role of  vampire Edward Cullen (though it was dreamed of by the author of the books, Stephanie Meyer), and too young for being  James Bond in 2005.  And, his colleague Brandon Routh took the role of Superman from him the first time. But now he enjoys tremendous interest and praise from fans for his performance in The Witcher. Even the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski, is very pleased with him! And that’s really something, because this gentleman just doesn’t praise something. 😊




But for his new role, Henry suffered quite a bit. Not only did he undergo a killer sword training with Vladimir Furdík (The Night King of the Game of Thrones), which by the way really paid off, but also to look “sexy” in topless scenes, he wasn’t allowed to drink not even  a drop of water for 24 hours. And two days before a maximum of half a liter. But the result was literally a killer body. Apparently, several costumes burst while filming. 😊


1) Although it is constantly mentioned in the series, Geralt was not actually born in Rivia. The powerful witch Visenna brought him (using magic) to the world in Kaedwen. So why does Geralt claim to be from Rivia? The answer may surprise you – for marketing of his services! He even learned to speak with a Rivian accent.
2) The characteristic feature of Geralt, the  Witcher is his long silver hair and rough appearance. Thanks to the actor,  you may think that he is a  man of about forty-five, but do not be fooled. Although it is not strictly said anywhere, Geralt should be between 90 and 100 years old. Yet, his hair is not white because of hir age, but his mutation.
3) The Netflix production is not the first television version of Geralt’s story. In 2001, the Polish film The Hexer was made and later a series. Andrzej Sapkowski, however, strictly distanced himself. (And we don’t blame him.)
4) While the unsuccessful Polish film and series followed the books, Netflix’s version takes inspiration primarily from video games. That is why Geralt growls unnaturally all the time  in the series. Some call it bad acting, some “stick to the model”. And someone calls it “Hmm. Fc.k. “



It´s a hit!

In the second episode, Geralt meets bard Jaskier, portrayed in the series by actor and singer Joey Batey. Just at the end of the episode, Jaskier is singing his new hit “Toss a coin to your Witcher”.  The song is very appreciated by the audience in the inn. And not just them! This song immediately became a viral hit! The actor himself admitted in one of the  interviews that he still sings this song everytime he´s in the shower. He also revealed that when he was recording her, he felt sick like a dog. Still, the result is worth it. Maybe  the authors will get some award for the best soundtrack soon?



After a little  bit confusing first season,   we  should expect the second one next year, which is said to be more comprehensive and understandable for fans who have not read books or played video games. At least Netflix promises. We definitely can’t wait because we are big fans of the books, video games and series!





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