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5 facts about Stan Lee’s superhero life

27. 11. 2018

A few days ago, the world hit the news of legendary Stan Lee’s death. He was a legend not only for comics fans but for everyone in fond of Marvel movies. Together with his colleagues, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he brought to life many superheroes we all know very well. For example, Spiderman, characters from the X-Men series or favourite Iron Man. To pay him a tribute, we put together several interesting facts from his life.

Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Stan Lee dreamed of becoming a writer since he was a young boy. Before he started writing about superheroes, he used to write newspaper necrologies. This job started to get a bit depressing for him, so he decided on a career switch and started to write fantasy stories. In the beginning, he used to be ashamed of his working in the comics world because the society of that time perceived comics as something inferior. It was his dream to write a proper novel.

In the beginning, Stan Lee was only responsible for auxiliary tasks, such as supplying comic writers with atrament. However, it is said that after a week, he was given a chance to write a two-page comic about Captain America. He wrote it under the Stan Lee pseudonym (the reason being was that he wanted to dissociate his working on the comics from his planned career as a respected writer), which was soon to become his legal name. His real name was Stanley Martin Lieber.

#Printing Error
According to Stan Lee, originally, Hulk was not green – he was grey. His colour change was caused by a printing error due to atrament problems. Nowadays, no one is capable of imagining Hulk without his characteristic appearance.

#Broken typewriter
One day, during a fight, his wife broke his typewriter with which he wrote his first two stories about Spiderman and the Fantastic Four. However, he looked back at this event with a smile. “It happened before eBay. It’s a shame that I couldn’t sell the broken parts at the auction and make a good money off it,” joked Stan Lee.

You are probably familiar with the fact that Stan Lee made several appearances in Marvel movies. But did you know that it was a part of his contract? He was to have a cameo in all movies where his superheroes appeared – and there were plenty of them! For the first time, he appeared on the silver screen in 1989. Except for Marvel movies, he showed up in a small role in The Simpsons, like a cartoon character.  

Entry the Marvel Universe


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