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2020 is the year of female superheroes. Harley Quinn, Black Widow and Wonder Woman are heading to theatres!

10. 01. 2020

The times when women were perceived as mere beautiful complementary characters or seductive criminals in the complicated story of a man – saving the world from both real and metaphorical monsters, are long gone. Enough of helpless princesses waiting to be rescued, or intelligent, strong, but not so important, superhero female team members! After Captain Marvel, several women are coming to the silver screens of cinemas. And it will be a ride! Already in February we will see the film Birds of Prey starring emancipated Harley Quinn, in April Black Widow and in June the women’s circle will close the sequel of Wonder Woman. We have collected for you interesting information about these iconic women from DC and Marvel.



Psychiatrist Harleen Frances Quinzel  is well – known as a criminal mastermind and crazy girlfriend of Joker. Fans appreciated her in the Suicide Squad movie, where she is part of a super criminal group that fights on the side of the good against even more vicious bastards than they are. But thanks to the performance of Margot Robbie, the character got so much interest from fans that they began to consider a solo film in DC. (Like Joker had last year) But that did not happen in the end, because the actress herself wanted her character to be part of something bigger again. The idea was to join Harley to the female superhero group Birds of Prey, one of the best, but not so well-known “super-teams” of the DC universe. The full title of the film is Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn and promises a fantastic, colorful show.




Bird of Prey Harley Quinn

  1. The movie Birds of Prey was  supposed to have its premiere on St. Valentine‘s Day. But the deadline moved a week ahead  because  the premiere of Bond 25 was scheduler for the same day. But the filmmakers eventually moved it too. 😊
  2. The film belongs to R-Rating movies, which means we can look forward to a great deal of violence. Margot Robbie herself came up with the idea of making this film rougher than the Suicide Squad for the movie to not be considered “girlish.”
  3. Birds of Prey’s members include Black Canary, The Huntress and Detective Renee Montoya. They will join forces against Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask and Victor Zsasz.
  4. Harley Quinn has an unconventional pet in the film. It is a hyena 😊
  5. The director Cathy Yan is the first Asian director to direct a superhero film.



Black Widow

Although we’ve seen Natasha Romanoff die in the latest Avengers movie, her story is not over yet. We will go back to the period between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. This film about a female heroine is also directed by a woman – she is Cate Shortland. After 10 years of watching movies where Natasha appears as a complementary character, we finally learn what happened to her while she was in Russia and underwent her assassin training. After the events of the Civil War, Natasha has nowhere to go, so she returns back to her past. Meets former colleague – assassin Yelena and Russian version of Captain America – Red Guardian. (She was married to him,  at least in the comics). Since every superhero film needs a real criminal, we will enjoy the presence of Taskmaster, who we already know as the enemy of Captain, Deadpool or Ant-Man. And because everyone loves Iron Man 3000 , we’ll probably see some cameo. But we will know for sure after the premiere😊




  1. The nickname Black Widow does not belong to just Natasha Romanoff, whose real name is Natalia Alianovna Romanovna. It is a label for dangerously beautiful Russian assassins.
  2. Not only the protagonist of this heroine is a very desirable woman. The comic book Natasha has a relationship with Red Guardian, Hawkey, Bucky, Daredevil or even Iron Man. 😊 In the movies, however, she is only associated with Hawkeye and, for comic book fans surprisingly, with Hulk.
  3. Like Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, Natasha was “improved” during her training with a serum, which makes her stronger, healthier and ageless. She also experienced II. World War II since she was born in 1928.



Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in her second sequel will take us to 1984, which, by the way, is the year of  the first DC movie with a female superhero called Supergirl. Patty Jenkins has once again sat in the director’s chair. What will the movie be about? Although at the end of the first film it seemed that Diana’s love, pilot Steve Trevor was dead, obviously he is  not (as he appears in the trailer), so the love story will continue. But of course, in the story also enter two dangerous enemies – Cheetah and Lord Maxwell.





  1. The Wonder Woman comics were banned in 1942 because their main character was not sufficiently dressed.
  2. Wonder Woman was the first movie after 12 years from Electra movie   with a female heroine in the lead role.
  3. This film was not allowed to be screened in Lebanon because the starring actress Gal Galdot, is a citizen of Israel with whom Lebanon has a war conflict.
  4. The story of the first film takes place during the First World War, but in the comics Diana and Trevor meet during the second.



However, with Birds of Prey, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984,the comic book dose of 2020 is definitely not over. Marvel, will introduce the new “Avengers” team The Eternals, then  The New Mutants, and Venom 2 will also continue. DC has prepared new vampire character called Morbius performed by Jared Leto.  If you can’t wait for your favorite superheroes and superheroines, visit our merchandise collection.😊




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